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Yianni Neil & Co is a two partner firm of accountants who act for a wide client base ranging from multi million pound turnover organisations to small owner managed companies and charitable organisations.   The practice is versatile enough to deal with the needs of the small trader and also the needs of larger limited company. We pride ourselves in being committed to our clients, and giving them the best possible advice to stimulate and encourage the growth of their businesses.

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Tax Tips

Company Cars

Choose the right company car and reduce your tax.

You can set the full cost of buying a new company car against your company’s profits this year, if you choose one with an official CO2 emissions rating of 110 g/km or less. And, as the car driver, you will also benefit from a lower income tax charge. In addition, if you provide your employees with fuel for their company cars, the amount of VAT that can be recovered is based on the CO2 emissions of the car.

This is another reason to buy low emission vehicles. Check how much you pay for the fuel used on business trips in your company cars. Employers can now pay up to 21p per mile tax-free (depending on the size of the car’s engine) to employees who pay for the fuel used in the company car they drive. If your company has any cars that are not very fuel-efficient, you can negotiate a higher tax-free mileage rate with the local tax office.

Encourage car sharing with tax-free payments to employees. When your employees travel to work related training courses or make other business journeys, pay the drivers an extra tax-free 5p a mile for each fellow employee they carry. If you would like us to perform a Company Car “Health Check” please contact us.

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Traditional Values, New Ideas

Yianni Neil & Co was founded in 1962 when Tony Yianni commenced working as a sole practitioner in London.
Over the next ten years he built up his client portfolio significantly and amalgamated his portfolio with Ron Neil in 1972.

The mutual philosophy of both men, to encourage practice growth through helping their client's succeed in business, is one which we continue to maintain today.

We hold significant pride in the success of our clients.
Although our values have not changed, in the dynamic business environment we live in today, we aim to use modern methods, skills and thinking to offer our clients an efficient, reliable and valuable service.

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